Erin Mills Mississauga

Erin Mills Mississauga Neighbourhood

Located in west-central Mississauga Erin Mills is bordered by highway 403 at the north and the west part Dundas Street West on the south and the Credit River on the east Now during the 1970s and 80s Erin Mills was known as a family destination a lot of people moved out from Toronto to the suburbs (Erin Mills) had lots of schools and kids and parks and trails it was just designed with the family in mind.

Don’t you just love the jingle of that video? I could remember that commercial from way back in the day when I was a kid. Now obviously a lots changed about Erin Mills however the spirit of the neighbourhood is still the same it’s still a family area in an excellent location.

Now not to be confused with central Erin Mills located north of highway 403 Erin Mills is a great location because you’re in the middle of everything you’re close to highways, you’re close to Port Credit, you’re close to Streetsville it’s just a really good location and while things have changed and maybe we’ve got more diverse and there’s a lot more things to do in the city it still has that family vibe which attracted people like my parents back in the 1980’s.

Now located only 32 km from downtown Toronto and only about 20 km to Pearson Airport Erin Mills is a great location if you’re working in Toronto and you need to commute on a daily basis. Although it doesn’t have its own GO train station when you live in Erin Mills you’re really only a 10-minute Drive from the Clarkson GO train station where you can catch an express train and be at Union Station in 25 minutes.

You’re also very close, as Erin Mills does border on Oakville so being in the west GTA it’s an excellent location for you to get anywhere you want to go. When it comes to housing choice in Erin Mills Erin Mills has something for everybody from entry-level homes all the way up to multimillion-dollar estates you can find something no matter what your budget and what your lifestyle purpose in Erin Mills.

Now even though it is designed as a family neighbourhood you also have lots of options that just aren’t big detached houses you also have townhouses and high-rise condos so really it’s an all-encompassing area where everybody can find something for themselves.

Now when looking at Erin Mills the first thing I want to do is break it (Erin Mills) into its two main developments so the the first development developed in the 1970s is Erin Mills anything basically east of Winston Churchill spanning all the way to the Credit River and north of Dundas.

Since the majority of the area was built in the 1970s or very early 1980’s homes here are typically characterized by nice wide wide streets with big back yards detached, semi detached varieties and really good if you like property and you want a little more than maybe what you’re gonna see in a newer neighbourhood.
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